martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

Words to the wind

Where these baby mine?

you do not know everything what I have suffered

you know it not even you imagine it to you I swear myself already that you accustom

I have desperate although not always

I have looked for to you

I have not had the best ideas. my strategies always failed.

it is my fault, already. I only hope that well.

some times to you I imagine smiling side.

I always wanted that you were happy. although some times it hates to you with passion. I believe that hatred was part of the same love.

the fact of to lose was hopeless to me.

but the truth is that all the fault has been mine.

I did everything almost always badly. so far I give these words to the wind so that they dissolve in the anything, in the anything and the whole. perhaps therefore they reach to you to where your you will be

I take leave of. I apologize I excuse to you.

the flower has been dried for always.

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